Youth Programs

BAPC enables a number of different programs and partnerships aimed at both work with and serving the youth of our community.


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YOuth to Youth 802

We work with the Y2Y802 group at Brattleboro Union High School to bring prevention programming to students throughout the Supervisory Union:

  • Refusal skills and peer pressure workshops for elementary and middle school students.

  • Social marketing campaigns for high school students.

  • Substance free event support for middle schools.

  • Recognizing responsible retail stores in the community.

  • Attending substance abuse trainings and conferences.

Middle School Leadership Teams

BAPC partners with the supervisory union to provide support and training to the leadership teams at the the three area middle school leadership teams:

  • Leadership training and project planning support.

  • Positive, student-led changes in school climate.

  • Work with younger students on positive social-emotional development.

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Samantha Skunk

We partner with students from the Brattleboro Area Middle School to bring a short play about Rx drug safety to Kindergarten students throughout the Supervisory Union.

  • 15-20 minute performance with animal costumes.

  • Student led discussion after the performance.

  • Follow-up activities and materials.

Rx Drug Safety Lessons

BAPC staff present lessons on Rx Drug safety for elementary, middle, and high school students. 

  • BAPC provides the instruction, the materials, and cover the costs.

  • My Generation Rx is an evidence-based curriculum from Cardinal Health and Ohio State University.

  • Developmentally appropriate lessons available for students K-12.

  • Lessons are presented in one or two, 40 minute lessons, depending on their level.

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