TobAcco and vaping

We know that nicotine use is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths in Vermont.  We also know that it is a very hard addiction to beat.  At BAPC we are working with a number of programs to both prevent initial tobacco use, as well as support those working hard to quit.


Counter Balance

CounterBalance is the Vermont Department of Health's program to counter the tobacco industry's influence the retailer environment and Vermont's youth.  CounterBalance is currently focusing on the impact of flavored tobacco and its appeal to youth.  BAPC supports this program by:

  • Working with the Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT) and Our Voices Exposed (OVX) students raise awareness of these issues.

  • Implementing the Star Store program to promote retailers who avoid selling or marketing tobacco products.


802Quits is an excellent resource for Vermonters trying to quit smoking.  They offer:  In-Person Support, Phone Support, Online Support, and free tools like Gum, Patches, Lozenges, etc.

Smoke Free HOusing

BAPC helps landlord implement best practices for Smoke Free Housing.  Whether you are a tenant looking for more information on your right to live in a smoke free environment, or a housing professional in search of information on adopting a smoke free policy in your apartment complex, we can assist you.

THREE Behaviors...

  • Tobacco Use

  • Lack of Physical Activity

  • Poor Diet

Lead to FOUR chronic diseases...

  • Cancer

  • Hear Disease/Stroke

  • Type 2 Diabetes

  • Lung Disease

Which cause 50% of the deaths in Vermont.

Get help in all these areas at the Vermont Dept. of Health site.


A Primer on Planning for Prevention

As a part of the Windham County Partnership for Success, we worked with the Windham Regional Planning Commission to create this primer for  local governments.  It can help these governments to create successful regulatory and non-regulatory programs to decrease substance abuse in the communities they serve.  Click here for the PDF.