Star Store Program

BAPC and our partners seek to promote those responsible retailers that choose not to sell or advertise alcohol and/or tobacco products in our community.  We look only at stores that might be expected to sell these products, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores.  Stores my earn stars in both Alcohol and Tobacco.

Gold Star.png

GOld Star Stores

Gold star stores do not sell these products at all.

Gold Star Stores - Alcohol

  • ?????

Gold Star Stores - Tobacco

  • ?????

Silver Star.png

Silver Star Stores

Silver Star stores sell these products but do not advertise them either inside or outside the store.

Silver Star Stores - Alcohol

  • ?????

Silver Star Stores - Tobacco

  • ?????


Bronze Star Stores

Bronze Star stores sell these products, but do not advertise them on the outside of their building.

Bronze Star Stores - Alcohol

  • ?????

Bronze Star Stores - Tobacco

  • ?????