Rx DRugs and Opioids

As our country and our community face the effects of the opioid crisis, BAPC is working with diverse partners from local pharmacists to the Brattleboro police department.  We are helping community members safely store and dispose of their prescription medication as well as educate youth and adults alike about the dangers of Rx drug misuse.


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Community Opioid Response (COR) Committee

The mission of Community Opioid Response (COR) is to engage the community to reduce opioid misuse,  addiction, and stigma. We promote awareness and involvement across the continuum of prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. 
For more information visit CORTalks.org 

Drug Disposal Sites

For the safety of your loved ones it is important that you dispose of unwanted and expired Rx drugs in one of the Prescription Drop Boxes located in your town.  Note that these will not take LIQUID medicines.  Liquid medicines should be mixed with coffee grounds or cat litter and disposed of in the normal trash collection.  Look for your disposal site below:

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Vermont's Most Dangerous Leftovers

Most people who abuse prescription painkillers get them from friends or family – often straight out of the medicine cabinet. By ensuring the safe use, storage and disposal of prescription drugs, you can help make sure drugs don't get into the wrong hands, or pollute our waterways and wildlife.

Lock your Meds

Parents, grandparents, and other family members are often the first source of the perscription drugs that youth abuse, and they don't even know it.  This campaign seeks to raise awareness of the need to lock, track, and dispose of your Rx medicines in a safe manner.

Brattleboro Police Chief Micheal Fitzgerald and recent BUHS graduate Christol Long share the critical role that parents and adult relatives of youth play in reducing the misuse of prescription medication and three easy steps that can be taken. There is a brief survey at the end of the video that will give important feedback.